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July 2024: UPDATE

Celebrating Matariki - Our Indigenous Māori Holiday.

Happy American 4th of July, Canada Day, British Islamic New Year, and French Bastille Day to all our expatriate friends - wherever you are!

We love our long weekends in New Zealand. Matariki epitomizes the spirit of Kiwi holidays. It marks the start of our Māori New Year season when the star cluster rises at sunrise. Also known by its ancient Greek name, Pleiades or the Seven Sisters, in Hawaii it is called Makali’i, ‘eyes of royalty', and in Japan it is Subaru, meaning ‘gathered together’ where the ubiquitous car name came from!

This season is the perfect Kiwi excuse to celebrate with whanau (family) and neighbours by walking to the nearest high viewpoint or beach to face the sunrise in the morning darkness as the stars rise. Wearing our polar fleece, we stamp our feet in the cold morning air with steam rising from our open mouths…and wait in silence…just as the birds begin to call. You may already know that Kiwis are not big on commercial holidays...

Matariki is a time of remembrance, celebrating the present with family and preparing for the future. Of course, local restaurants are offering special meals of Māori fare (kai) and Wellington held an amazing light drone skyworks. Some communities host fireworks and outdoor star walks. But most of all, we get a day off with family and friends to do what we like. Very cool, literally.

Ta DA!

Speaking of celebrations: this month we mark the change from Niche Mortgages to Niche Advice. As a bespoke expat adviser, I’m on call for you, literally, wherever you are around the world, to help you get a New Zealand life.

Think of me as your friend in New Zealand. In the coming months I'll introduce my colleagues to share their expertise on everything from visas to mortgages, insurance or business networking and property analysis. !You can literally ask me anything and I’ll find a way. I’m so excited!

FREE Economic Tools:

Tony’s View is the most readable economic update on monetary policy and New Zealand business. As he observed quite clearly: until the Reserve Bank of New Zealand/RBNZ decides to lower the Official Cash Rate/OCR mortgage interest rates will not budge. RBNZ seems quite pleased that they’ve stalled our inflation which was their goal pointing to rate cuts in 2025. Meanwhile we’re getting pretty good at hunkering down in New Zealand!

Tony's down to earth qualitative data is supported by surveys of industry professionals on such things as market and business confidence. He was a NZ bank economist for over 25 years and knows his stuff.

Corelogic is the top source for investors in real estate. As a potential home buyer relocating to New Zealand you will want to check out your target area trends in the Corelogic report. Core Logic is focused on home values and sales data. They document property trends around the country in detail and compare regional prices.

UPDATE 19 July 2024 GOOD NEWS: home loan interest rates in the 5% range are on the horizon inside 12 months. Our August edition will go into more detail. Feel free to call to discuss today's trends.

Midwinter Warmers

July is also a great time to rethink and brings a certain coziness of our interior lives. Fewer people are out on the home buying trail while home sellers (‘vendors’ here) wait for spring and the promise of higher prices. It's a great time to plan your move.

If you are booking your ticket to New Zealand, it’s always good to know what to expect before you arrive. While the temperatures are fairly cool, you only need a light puffer jacket in the North Island and of course full ski gear in the South! Sure, it rains a lot. Many, many days have the clearest blue skies and the intense greens of winter all around. The sea is sparkling…and a few hardy souls still go for their daily dip (wetsuits are typical year-round the farther south you go). Farmers still wear shorts with their Swandris and gumboots.

Timing is Everything:

If you’re coming to New Zealand with a secure job opportunity during our winter, you’ll be arriving just as house prices have stalled - which is good for you. If you are seeking work, it’s a good idea to get that Visa sorted and potential offers before you arrive. I can point you to the right people and resources. Our recent influx of expats and government initiatives (cutbacks) has really changed the work dynamic! I can also help make those all-important business connections. I admit that my last return was clutching a one-way ticket with a friend’s guest suite on offer and no real plan. ‘Horses for courses’ as we say!

Typically during winter Banks are actually a bit more eager to lend once you get past their gargoyles. I am working with my mortgage team to make sure that happens - even before you arrive. A bank offer letter is good for 60 to 90 days and up to 12 months for a newbuild. So don’t put it off!

Let’s schedule a free 20-minute chat or zoom when you’re ready. Now that I am officially an expat adviser, I am offering a range of services including financial guidance, property reviews, and organizing services as required both before and after you arrive. My new bespoke practice is a work in progress – so just ask!

Expat Expert Simon Laurent, NZ Immigration Lawyer.

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Enjoy Simon's very informative podcast hosted byUGlobal about the New Zealand Active Investor Visa. Simon has generously offered a complimentary chat for our clients so be sure and contact me to organize an introduction. Who you know is essential in New Zealand.

Watch for our Expat Experts podcast series as I introduce my growing team!

A special shout out to my amazing expat clients who recently found their feet in New Zealand. I am so grateful for your business and your fantastic feedback and encouragement about my new venture.

Tēna Koe!  ('thank you' in te Reo)

Susan Templeton

personal expat adviser


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